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We Have noticed a problem around our Community........
Have you? 


There are thousands of underserved families living in our community and very few sources for these families to receive support from real people living in their communities. Whom else better to serve the community than those that live next door. The Secrete Closet is the link between those in need and those who wish to support and enhance their community.

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Our Mission

"To see the grace and possibilities of those in the community that may not be able to see it in themselves and provide those in need with support and guidance that will help lift our fellow men and women so each person can see the grace and light inside themselves."

Our program was primarily created to assist the homeless and disadvantaged families in Louisiana. The Secret Closet provides support needed to repair and help establish a solid foundation for our families and individuals to prosper and contribute to the development of our youth.

We believe in inclusivity to the fullest extent. There is no race, color, sex, religion or affiliation that is discriminated against. Man is only human and we seek to up lift the soul, mind and body of those that are in need.

Provide services to ensure the physical, mental, emotional wellbeing of The Secret Closet family.


With our support and services, we strive to enhance the lives of those around our community!


25073 Highway 1 South

Placqumine, La 70764

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See us on Facebook!

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